CBD Oil For Sale In South Africa – A Buying Guide

Are you a South African looking to try Cannabidiol (CBD)?

Well this article is exactly what you need to read.

If you want to try CBD products, it is important to dig deep to find trustworthy and accurate information about it. As cannabis oil becomes more and more popular, more and more false articles are also scattered across the internet, trying to rip-off oblivious customers. What’s worse, many people confuse CBD with THC, which is the primary psychoactive component of cannabis.
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This CBD buying guide will show you the different factors to consider when choosing a cannabis oil product.

Who Can Take CBD?

CBD is intended to be taken as a food supplement. Like any vitamin or food supplement, it is best to consult your healthcare provider. This is very important if you have pre-existing conditions or if you’re taking prescription medications. This dietary supplement is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

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Types of Products

The oil is a versatile substance that can be taken in a number of ways to provide a wide range of health benefits. Take note that not all oils are the same- in South Africa, in particular, there are a wide variety of products to choose from. Some products are more potent, containing higher active-ingredient concentration while others emphasize the ease of use so users can bring them wherever they go.

Some cannabidiol products comes in multiple tasty flavours to enhance the overall experience while others contain pure CBD that provides a more solid punch. In addition, some products can be used together to achieve synergistic effects while other can be taken with drinks or food.

Here are some of the common cannabis oil product types, including the benefits and limitations of each.

Capsules. This is very popular among people from Johannesburg. These are standard capsules containing powdered hemp oil with high concentrations. Similar to conventional pills, this is perhaps the most convenient form you can use to take the pills. Most pills are without odor, tasteless and can be conveniently taken anywhere, anytime.

However, the capsules provide limited options in terms of increasing serving size or adjusting the dosage to find your sweet spot. It means you’re limited to the size of the capsule when increasing your dosage as each capsules contains quite large amount of cannabidiol.

One way to offset this limitation is to combine more than one cannabinoid product to tweak your daily serving size. For instance, you can take capsule along with a CBD tincture to increase your dosage.

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Tincture. This is another popular and versatile form of CBD. It comes in various strengths and flavours such as cinnamon, peppermint and vanilla. Tincture are easy to use and they provide more advantage in terms of serving size as you can easily increase or reduce the serving size using a reliable dropper. They can be taken sublingually so they are fast-acting, or be mixed with beverages during the day, providing you many ways to take it. People in Gauteng are ordering this more and more.
The downside with tinctures is that they’re not as inconspicuous as the capsules, however, they’re more portable than vaporizers and oil forms of the substance.
Topicals. CBD balms, lotions and other topical products are handy and provide a distinct usability. It can target specific points of inflammation or stiffness on the body. The product is highly absorbable, which makes these topical products useful for alleviating joint or muscle pains. Pretoria’s residents absolutely love the topicals.
However, the effect of topicals is slower than other product types despite having potent concentrations. In addition, they are a bit expensive than other products.
Vaporizers. These are a unique form of CBD product that works like an e-cigarette or e-pen. They work by heating the vape oil until it turns to a vapour that can be inhaled. Cannabidiol use through this method is fast-acting and are safer for the respiratory tract and the lungs since it only produces vapour and no smoke. Using a vaporizer is limited by batteries so it’s important to charge your vaporizer before use.
Oil. People searching for the strongest and the purest form of CBD product often turn to its oil form.
While both cannabidiol oil and the hemp oil can be used to treat various medical conditions and contains cannabidiol, both are highly different. The cannabidiol oil/ cannabis oil is derived from Cannabis sativa or from the hemp plant.
Hemp Oil. Durban’s population has been seen using these a lot- and any South African can order it and get fast shipping. This is extracted from industrial hemp, a distinct breed of Cannabis sativa that is grown specifically for industrial uses such as paper, textiles and health food. It produces lesser amounts of THC, but contains a good amount of Cannabidiol.

Choosing the Right Product

CBD products come in various shapes, forms and sizes. Learning how to compare similar products and distinguishing apparently identical products is the initial step towards being an educated and informed consumer when it comes to CBD.

Here, we will explain the important criteria that sets different CBD products apart.

Concentration. How much cannabidiol is in this product? Concentration is often considered as the most important factor when buying these products. It pertains to the abundance of cannabidiol when compared to the product’s total volume. Concentration ranges from normal strength to super high concentrations. Look for the milligrams and use it to compare from product to product.

Dose. Beginners are recommended to take 1 to 2 mg daily. Depending on your body weight, metabolism and the desired effects, you can also start at 3mg and simply bump up the serving size as your body gets used to it. CBD also has a maximum efficiency, like a daily vitamin supplement. This effect is because it takes some time for the body to adapt to the chemical components present in CBD. Since it has no dangerous or psychoactive components, you can increase your serving size safely to know the optimal concentration for you.

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Duration of Effect. How quick you feel the effects of CBD? This depends on the type of product you use. Some products such as vaporizers take effect immediately while others such as capsules take 1 to 2 hours to produce the effects.

Ease of Use. Some products can be tricky to use. For instance, vape oil needs a vaporizer, while tinctures can simply be placed under the tongue.

Taste. Some products such as concentrates or pastes have a distinct hemp taste due to the high CBD concentrations. Other products such as tinctures, edibles and vape oils come in various flavors.

Price. Some products are more affordable than others.

Shipping Time. If you live in a major city like Cape Town, you are going to be able to receive your products quickly. If you are somewhere out in the country in South Africa, however, obviously it will take some time. Certain brands also ship more quickly to certain areas, so you’ll want to make sure to study this as well.